CrossFit Specialty Course: Pose Method

Running is not just about aerobic training. Rowing does not replace running! The musculoskeletal load from running is an essential component to training our bodies to adapt to external forces. Learning the correct running Pose is just as important as having a stable position for an overhead squat. Being able to run well is essential to becoming a complete athlete. Most runners over-stride and therefore expose themselves to an increased risk of injury. If you have had shin splints, knee pain, calf tightness, Achilles soreness or plantar fasciitis, chances are you are over-striding. Using evaluation tools such as video analysis, we can show you your technique faults during this seminar and prescribe specific drills to correct your running form.

This two-day course covers the fundamentals of correct running technique in a lecture setting, with practical application following as participants and coaches practice and perform the Pose Method. Drills and exercises are repeated until the student has an understanding of how to learn and teach running technique safely and effectively to anyone at any level. Flexibility and mobility routines for runners are introduced on the second day of the course. Participants will learn to apply the principles in training themselves and others to increase running-specific strength, agility and perception – all of which improve running performance.

Learning objectives

The Pose Method Course teaches participants:

  1. The fundamental principles of movement, demonstrating a clear framework for the running mechanics.
  2. The invariable elements within the anatomy of a running stride and how they contribute to a runner’s speed, endurance and injury prevention.
  3. Drills and exercises that enhance the runner’s perception of the movement and improve his/her motor pattern.
  4. Running-specific strength conditioning.
  5. How to teach running technique in individual and group settings, in training sessions, and in preparation for endurance events.
  6. How to use video analysis as an evaluation tool, providing clear guidelines for identifying technique errors.
  7. How to address common injuries associated with poor running technique and use a conceptual foundation to understand the cause of injuries.
  8. How to work with athletes by evaluating their technique and providing drill instruction to improve technique.




Sent electronically 1-2 weeks after course completion to the email address used for registration.


The default language for this course is English. Any course with a translator is specified in the "Language" section from the event registration link.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

Upon successful completion of this course, a Certified CrossFit Trainer may claim 16 CEUs towards their continuing education.


US $595

CrossFit does not accommodate refunds or transfers.

Email for discounts for active duty or retired military personnel and first responders.


Reading Materials

A course guide will be distributed on site.

Recommended Reading:

  1. “Beginners Guide to Pose Running” online video series
  2. “The Running Revolution” book

What to Bring

  • Printed version of the registration receipt
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Pen/pencil
  • A wristwatch with a stopwatch function or a handheld stopwatch.
  • Suitable clothes for working out.
  • Running/athletic shoes.
  • Snacks and fluids, as well as a meal as you may not be able to go off site during the lunch break (30 min).


Twitter: @posemethod



To receive a Pose Method Trainer Certificate, one must:

  • Hold a valid and current CrossFit Level 1 Trainer Certificate (or higher); and
  • Attend and participate in all parts of the Pose Method® Specialty Course.

If you do not meet these requirements, you are issued a Certificate of Attendance.

To become a Pose Method® Certified Running Technique Specialist and be listed on the directory, one must take an online exam upon completion of the trainer course for an additional fee.


Please arrive at 8:30 a.m. to check in.

(9a.m. - 5:30p.m.)

    Opening remarks and lecture: historical foundation of running
    Basic running mechanics
    Lecture: technique, teaching, and drill introduction
    Practical: strengthening and pose drills
    Video analysis
    Lecture: training and shoes
    Practical: fall, pull, & combination drills

    (9a.m. - 5:30p.m.)

    Lecture: common injuries
    Lecture: sprinting – starting block acceleration
    Group and one-on-one coaching
    Practical: working with runners
    Self video analysis
    Lecture: advanced topics in mechanics
    Practical session: advanced and corrective drills
    Q&A and closing remarks