CrossFit Specialty Course: Law Enforcement Application

This course is restricted to active law-enforcement personnel.

The seminar educates officers on the application of CrossFit for the law-enforcement profession. Attendees will learn how law-enforcement departments across the nation have successfully implemented a CrossFit training program in their academies and in-service training days.

The seminar includes information on how to create a successful nonprofit CrossFit law-enforcement affiliate. Attendees also receive a basic understanding of CrossFit, including administrative talking points, an appreciation of the transference of functional movement to the demands of the law-enforcement profession, and a greater understanding of the application of fitness in law enforcement.

The seminar includes two team-building workouts and an opportunity for officers to network and forge winning partnerships between agencies.

Learning objectives

The Law Enforcement Application Course provides officers:

  1. Education on how to successfully implement a CrossFit law-enforcement program into their department or academy.
  2. Talking points to use when presenting the CrossFit program to their department administrators.
  3. An understanding the importance of balanced nutrition for the law-enforcement profession.
  4. A case study of successful CrossFit implementation at the department and academy level.
  5. An understanding the importance of the CrossFit program, specifically the principle of constantly varied functional movement and relative intensity for the professional law-enforcement officer.
  6. A CrossFit workout to demonstrate the scalability of the program for any department budgets or time constraints.
  7. An opportunity to network with current CrossFit law-enforcement affiliates.


Must be an active law-enforcement officer.


Sent electronically 1-2 weeks after course completion to the email address used for registration.


This course is only available in English.

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

Upon successful completion of this course, a Certified CrossFit Trainer may claim six CEUs towards their continuing education.


Currency Course Price**
USD $199
CAD $265
AUD $240
GBP £155

** CrossFit reserves the right to update pricing at any time. Pricing is applicable at the time course registration is opened. Applicable local taxes are additional.

CrossFit does not accommodate refunds or transfers.

Email for discounts for active duty or retired military personnel and first responders.


Reading Materials

Any necessary materials are distributed on site.

What to Bring

  • Printed version of the registration receipt
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Notebook with pen/pencil.
  • Suitable clothes for working out.
  • Snacks, fluids and a lunch as there may not be time to go off site.



Those who attend the Law Enforcement Application Course receive a Certificate of Attendance.


Please arrive at 8:30 a.m. to check in.

(9a.m. - 4p.m.)

    Opening remarks
    Lecture: law-enforcement officers as professional athletes
    Lecture: understanding functional movement (squat, deadlift and press)
    Lecture: warm-up for the job; group warm-up practical
    Practical: squat, deadlift, press
    Workout #1 (partner) 
    Lecture: what is "fit for the job"?
    Group warm-up
    Practical: push-up and pull-up technique
    Workout #2 (individual)
    Workout debrief
    Lecture: nutrition for patrol
    Lecture: how to affiliate and case study
    Q&A, closing remarks and networking